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My parents started to publish their art magazine «KUNST» in the beginning of the 1960s.

The graphic designer Wolfgang Schmidt was responsible for its look for the first four years.

He also took care of the CI and the print ads of my parents' gallery and its connected distribution of the «Gut gewählte Sammlung» – a subscription based opportunity to collect graphic arts.

Magazin KUNST

Later «KUNST» turned into «Magazin KUNST».

One can say that all important artists and art critics had been published with their work and essays in «Magazin KUNST».

This cover, for example, was designed by Joseph Beuys and it is now also part of the Tate-Collection.

Consequently, the «Art|Basel» became a second nursery to my brother and me – and in some ways it still is.



Das Direktorium der Schweizer Mustermesse fand an meinen Bildern Gefallen und verwendete sie über mehrere Doppelseiten im offiziellen Katalog zur «Art|Basel». 

Dies geschah auch im darauf folgenden Jahr.


The executive board members of the Schweizer Mustermesse liked my photographs about the art fair. They used them for a couple of spreads in the official catalogue.

So they did the following year as well.

  Art|Basel|Catalogue: The Day Before Grand Opening.

  Art|Basel|Catalogue: Grand Opening.

  Art|Basel|Catalogue: Open To The Public. Entrance Area. 3rd in 2nd row: Wulf Kirschner.

Art|Basel|Catalogue: Hans Strelow, Ernst Beyeler, Lucio Amelio, Harry Szeemann, Annely Juda, Dr. Peter Weiermair + Dr.  Dorothea van der Koelen and Dino Simonett.

Art|Basel|Catalogue: Dr. Renato Cardazzo, Ben Wargin, John Gibson, Roger Selden, Bogislav von Wentzel.

  Art|Basel|Catalogue: Lunch-Break In The Center Court.

  Art|Basel|Catalogue: Naked Students Of Fine Art Discuss With The Swiss Minister of Art And Culture.

  Art|Basel|Catalogue: Lunch-Break In The Center Court.

  Art|Basel|Catalogue: Marianne El Hariri, Lucio Amelio, Annely Juda, Amnon Barzel and Ernst Beyeler.

  Art|Basel|Catalogue: Young Boy Entertaining Himself Quite Artistically. 2nd Picture in 2nd Row: Ingo Kümmel.

  Art|Basel|Catalogue: Alexander Baier, Vera Munro, Heinz Teufel und Carl Laszlo.

  Art|Basel|Catalogue: Piece Of ArtWork on 3rd Floor. This Is Where The «Art Collector's Lounge» Is Now Based.

  Art|Basel|Catalogue: Some Details.

  Art|Basel|Catalogue: Hans Mayer; And Some Impressions From Another Lunch-Break.

  Art|Basel|Catalogue: Visiting Alberto Giacometti (left); Performance Of Artistic String-Quartett (right).

  Art|Basel|Catalogue: The Last Hours Of The Best Art-Fair In The World.

  Art|Basel|Catalogue: The Best Art-Fair In The World Is About To End.

  Art|Basel|Catalogue: And That Was It. Until Next Year!

Art|Basel | (2009 -2014)

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Some impressions of last year's art fair in Basel, which are not part of the «Full Monty Photo Collection».

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